This site has been built by members of the community to assist in the promotion of the Port of Houston and assist the businesses doing business in the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

Shipping containers around the world from the Port of Houston can be a daunting task for any company. From finding shipping container rentals or used shipping containers or simply piggy-backing on someone else's shipments, there are a variety of options to choose from that go beyond the ship or carrier.

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Renting shipping containers provide a flexible option for those looking to ship in one direction. This allows for obtaining the means for conveyance without the cost or liability of full ownership. Likewise, the company that you may be renting from might find similar rentals for the return trip. So renting shipping containers at the Port of Houston can definitely be a viable option.

Used shipping containers can also provide a strong means to reduce your overall expenses. Of course when using refurbished or previously owned shipping containers, you should definitely inspect the equipment. You want to ensure that the used shipping containers can handle your goods without damage. This also relies on the type of items you are transporting, of course. Some items need more care than others. Only you can ultimately make the decisions regarding your shipments.

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It is important to have information about Texas, but the destination (or origin) of your transport. You may access U.S. Ports, Canadian Ports or Ports of the Rest of the World to obtain some useful information.

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